How rates are calculated

How we calculate your rates

Rates are our primary means of raising revenue to pay for all the services and infrastructure we provide to the Manningham community.

Each year:

  1. We work out how much rate revenue will be required to fund these services and infrastructure.

    This amount changes every year.

  2. We then divide this amount by the total value of all the properties within our municipality.

    This gives us the rate in the dollar amount – currently $0.00155331.

  3. The Capital Improved Value of each property is multiplied by the rate in the dollar amount.

    This is used to calculate the amount each property owner will pay.

For more information about what your rates help pay for, see our Rates Notice brochure.

Rates Notice brochure
Rates Notice brochure
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The formula used for calculating General Rates

The term General Rates refers to the amount you are charged before any additional charges are applied.

The formula for calculating your General Rates is:

Capital Improved Value x Rate in the dollar = General Rates

For a property where the Capital Improved Value is $1,270,000 the calculations would be:

Capital Improved Value


Rate in the dollar



$1,270,000 x $0.00155331 = $1,972.70

The Victorian Government's Local Government website has more information about how rates are calculated.


Other charges on your rates notice

In addition to the general rates levy, your rates notice will also include:


Why do rates vary between councils?

If you own property in another local government area and wonder why some rates are more or less than others, this is because each council has different budgetary requirements for:

  • capital works
  • proposed works
  • ongoing costs to maintain services in the local government area.


What is rate capping?

The State Government has capped rate increases at 3.5 per cent for 2023/2024. We have elected to apply this 3.5 per cent increase rather than seek an exemption from the cap.

It is important to remember that the cap of 3.5 per cent applies to the overall rate revenue raised by the council and not each individual property.

Most properties will experience rate increases that are slightly lower or higher than 3.5 per cent. If your Valuation has either decreased or increased more than the average, it is likely you will see a rate increase lower or higher than 3.5 per cent.

Breakdown of 2023/24 rate changes

The tables below outline the number of properties with an increase or decrease to their rates and show the changes according to suburb.

Properties with a decrease in rates

The number of properties which had a decrease in rates for the current period. 

Change in Annual Rates More than -10 per cent From -5 per cent to -10 per cent From 0 per cent to -5 per cent
Number of properties 1,417 2,983 8,176


Properties with an increase in rates

The number of properties which had an increase in rates for the current period.  

Change in Annual Rates From 0 to +2 per cent From +2 per cent to +5 per cent From +5 per cent to +10 per cent From +10 per cent to +20 per cent
Number of properties 7,545 25,922 6,163 845


Rate changes by suburb

Rate changes by suburb for the current period compared to the previous year.

Postcode Suburb Number of properties 2022/2023 Rates average 2023/2024 Rates average Average change dollar amount Average change per cent
3105 Bulleen 4,963 $1,796 $1,806 $9 0.52 per cent
3108 Doncaster 12,792 $1,782 $1,820 $38 2.14 per cent
3109 Doncaster East 12,972 $1,726 $1,797 $71 4.13 per cent
3111 Donvale 4,951 $1,895 $2,004 $109 5.76 per cent
3131 Nunawading 146 $1,537 $1,666 $129 8.41 per cent
3114 Park Orchards 1,277 $2,627 $2,886 $259 9.86 per cent
3134 Ringwood North 127 $2,395 $2,526 $132 5.5 per cent
3106 Templestowe 6,609 $2,202 $2,286 $84 3.82 per cent
3107 Templestowe Lower 5,804 $1,788 $1,812 $24 1.32 per cent
3113 Warrandyte 2,084 $2,158 $2,262 $104 4.82 per cent
3134 Warrandyte South 216 $2,821 $2,956 $135 4.79 per cent
3115 Wonga Park 1,110 $2,365 $2,503 $138 5.85 per cent
ALL ALL 53,051 $1,885 $1,951 $66 3.5 per cent