Community Vision

Every Council is guided by a long term Community Vision and four year Council Plan.

Developed with the local community, they guide the actions we will take to deliver better outcomes for the community.

Manningham is a peaceful, inclusive and safe community. We celebrate life with its diverse culture, wildlife and natural environment. We are resilient and value sustainable and healthy living, a sense of belonging, and respect for one another.

— Manningham Community Panel

The Community Vision 2040 was developed for the community, by the community.

Developed at the beginning of our Council's four year term in 2021, the community discussed priorities of today, as well as those raised by the community in the Generation 2030 Community Plan in 2012.

We now consider the Community Vision and our Council Plan 2021-2025 in all our future planning and how funding is spent.

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Working with our community to develop Manningham's 2021/2025 Council Plan