Inspired Living Series and keynote speaker events

11 Jan 2024
Healthy Community Resilient Environment

Become more sustainable at home, in the community and at work.

The Inspired Living Series  is a range of sustainable activities and events for all ages from cooking demonstrations, growing vegetables, toy and clothing swaps, how to electrify your home and much more. 

Inspired Living Series - keynote speaker events

The keynote speaker events showcases five insightful, not-to-be-missed evenings at the iconic Manningham Function Centre.

The series will introduce you to a diverse line-up of local and international keynote speakers offering unique insights on how we can shift to a greener future.

Topics range from permaculture to sustainable fashion. Each speaker will inspire and motivate simple, positive lifestyle choices, connection to nature and growing a thriving community in the midst dynamic change.

Event line-up

Bookings are essential for all events so register early.